Nomad 2018, Red, 9.0

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For 10 years, paddlers have trusted the Nomad, the creakier with more 100+ foot waterfall descents than all other boats combined. introducing the new Nomad, the greatest displacement hull creakier, now faster, larger, and with modern creek boat refinements. What we changed: We wanted to keep the stability, the predictability, the forgiveness of the Nomad 8.5, and update it with modern creek boat features. We updated the hull profile for improved speed and maneuverability. An increase in volume helps the boat stay on top of the water, and also to give more knee and foot room. Up front, we added rocker to keep the bow on the surface over holes. In back we reshaped the stern for better resurfacing and to carry more speed away from drops and holes. What you can expect: Paddlers ave trusted the Nomad for 12 years, relying on its predictable performance to navigate the most difficult whitewater. And now, with modern refinements, more speed and maneuverability, and true small, medium and large option, the Nomad is ready for whatever adventure you can dream up, no matter the size. * Refined stem rocker and lifted bow rocker for staying on surface and maintaining speed through holes. * Rail profile has been optimized to increase maneuverability and reduce stern locking. * Increased bow deck volume for more foot room and predictable resurfacing. * Softened tail sidewalls and chine for more forgiving profile and improved maneuverability. *Additional safety/carry handle on the bow deck. *True small, medium, and large kayak sizes. Specifications: LENGTH: 8' 11" / 271 CM WIDTH: 27" / 69 CM BOAT WEIGHT: 51 LBS. / 23 KG DECK HEIGHT: 15.25" / 39 CM COCKPIT LENGTH: 34.5" / 88 CM COCKPIT WIDTH: 19" / 49 CM VOLUME: 96 GAL / 363 L PADDLER WEIGHT: 170 - 265 LBS. / 77 - 120 KG
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